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Backyard flights of fancy: Hobbits, dragons, pirates, oh my!

Many a kid (and grown-up) has dreamed of having a magical playhouse. If you’ve got more cash than carpentry skills, there are creative entepreneurs who specialize in bringing those storybook flights of fancy alive with Hobbit holes, treehouses, castles and more.

Socialist in Seattle: City councilor expects not to be a rarity for long

Kshama Sawant, rising from the Occupy movement, hopes to be the first of many new anti-corporate politicians in America

Art can add whimsy to a garden

World of hemp celebrated at festival

Welcome to Hempfest, annual cannabis celebration in Seattle that this year was part protest and part victory party

When nature calls — at the worst time

At 26, I never thought the accident everyone fears would happen to me. But it did, and it was horrifying

Seattle teacher strike: parents show support despite scheduling upheaval

Advocacy for students has been central to negotiations and despite having to organize childcare on the fly, locals have brought food and encouragement to picketing teachers.

Beyond chickens and bees: Urban farmers try goats

Urban goat farming is part of a nationwide movement to eat food produced locally–sometimes as locally as our backyards.

Art houses – the home as a canvas

Some property owners are driven to turn their house into a neighborhood work of art

Ditching the dryer: tips for airing clean laundry

Think clotheslines are a relic of a bygone era, a time when our grandmothers slaved over their dainties with stiff birch-wood pins?

3 quick projects that kill clutter

If, like me, you spent this winter hibernating and eating baked goods, your home may have paid the price. 

Just say ‘I do’ to food trucks

Bobby Hughes’ family was worried about the food truck. They were used to sit-down wedding dinners with towering cakes.

High times for West Coast ‘cannabusiness’

Marijuana trade conference outside Seattle highlights booming growth in products made from increasingly legal drug.

Multiple Methods for Teaching Math … And Still Counting

Happy girl learning math

Today’s elementary math education is far removed from the teaching methods most of us grew up with. 

Cedar Reviews Last Night’s Sedaris Show

David Sedaris’s people are not, as the uninitiated might suppose, gay men. Or rather, not exclusively gay men. Sedaris’ tribe are the freaks—the misfits, the neurotics, the obsessive compulsives and attention-defunct.

7 Parent Uniforms You Might Be Guilty Of

A mom explores fashion after kids.

Same-sex couples making new wedding rituals

This generation of gays and lesbians is creating a new set of rites and rituals incorporating both old and new traditions.

Need more space? Some put up a cottage out back

Childhood Obesity: How Did So Many Kids Get So Overweight?

The rate of childhood obesity has tripled over the past 30 years, due to a number of factors.

Whose Pet Is It, Anyway? Getting Your Kids to Walk the Walk (and Walk the Dog)

We know pets can be man’s best friend, but can they be your child’s best teacher? 

Male Nesting: How Expecting Fathers Prepare During Pregnancy

Male nesting: how fathers-to-be are preparing for baby


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